TransIndonesia Network is unique in a number of ways:

  • Network Reach
  • Scalability
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

The scale of the network extending from one end of Sumatra to the other, coupled with it’s capacity on Java means TransIndonesia Network have the greatest Next Generation Network reach of any carrier in Indonesia.

TransIndonesia Network have a strong competitive position as it provides its customers with the only long haul telecommunications infrastructure of it’s type in Sumatra. It provides access across selective routes linking capital cities and high growth regional population centers and access to a consumer market of almost 170 million people.

The optical fiber route provides diversity and reliability at the optimum cost and at a service level which currently does not exist.

TransIndonesia Network has deployed Nokia Siemens Network next generation DWDM technology which is extremely reliable, and enables bandwidth scalability in 40 Gigabit increments at very low cost.

With more carriers deploying IP and Ethernet systems, the TIN’s transmission system has the flexibility that allows services to be provided using a number of interfaces, not just traditional SDH. This functionality and the ability to provide Ethernet hand off is seen as a very important feature by our customers.

Our License

TransIndonesia Network has the required licenses to construct, own, and operate it’s telecommunications network nationally across the whole of Indonesia. Our license is un-restricted, and allows us to operate on a national basis.