Indonesia, an archipelago with great nature across the equator makes a great place to live and even better with the rapid development in every aspect such as technology. On the other hand, we can’t know exactly when the nature will strike. Recently, people can avoid the natural disaster by using the latest technology so they can predict when the disaster will come so people will be prepared and can minimize the damage.

With the latest technology, a cooperation within Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and Osaka University from Japan are formed to create a system that will utilized smartphone to update the recent condition about the environment around so people can send message to the server so humanitarian aid can be delivered soon to the affected area. The unique thing is Yogyakarta will be the first city in the world with this system implemented.

To help avoid and prevent the natural disaster, this system implements network and internet connection to send data across smartphone and the server. This is a unique fact that the internet has helped people to minimize the impact of the natural disaster. We, TransIndonesia Network also presence in Yogyakarta to help you connected.

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