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TransIndonesia Network : A Carrier Profile

Telecom Review quite often likes to find networks that provide a special value to our readers and we think we have found such a network with TransIndonesia Network (TIN). Finding alternative routes for IP delivery is very important in today’s world and TIN is one of those alternatives. TransIndonesia Network is a new, Next Generation Network being deployed across Indonesia to capitalize on opportunities in the fast growing telecommunications industry within Indonesia, and the connectivity to that market.

Telecom Review visited with Andy McLean, the CEO of TIN, in order to give our readers a good overview of their system. The scale of the TIN network extending from one end of Sumatra to the other, coupled with its capacity on Java means TransIndonesia Network has one of the best Next Generation Network reach of any carrier in Indonesia.

TIN has a strong competitive position as it provides its customers with the only long haul telecommunications infrastructure of its type in Sumatra. It provides access across selective routes linking capital cities and high growth regional population centers, and access to a huge consumer market.

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