Do you know tambourine?

Tambourine is a musical instrument used for percussion in music. It was originated from Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia, The Middle East and India and often used for religious music. There are various types of tambourines. The most common shape of tambourine consisted of the body made of wood or plastic and the drumhead that is constructed by leather. The tambourine also comes in different sizes.

In Indonesia, there are good tambourines workshops in Tulungagung, East Java. The unique thing about the workshop is they are well known internationally and their products are exported to Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong with different prices depends on the products. Even though the business seems to be a traditional workshop, but it is well connected internationally. This means that you can be connected anywhere as long as you are connected to internet network.

Interested to open up your business to global opportunity? To support your connectivity, TransIndonesia Network has PoPs in East Java so we can connect you to the global network.


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